CapRover Worker

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We present the steps to manage a CapRover Worker node.

Step 1: Add a Default Docker Registry

You'll have to add a default docker registry so other CapRover nodes in the cluster can download images from, and it can be self-hosted (managed by CapRover itself), to add it, go to Cluster -> Docker Registry Configuration.

  • Click Add Self-Hosted Registry button, then click Enable Self-Hosted Registry

You can check official documentation to know more about Docker registry options.

Step 2: Attach a New Node to the Cluster

  • Add the public IPv4 address that has been returned from the worker deployment in the New node IP Address field.
  • Add your SSH private key (you can use this command cat ~/.ssh/id_rsa to get your private key).
  • Click Join cluster button.

You should see the new added node under Current Cluster Nodes

If you faced any problem you can use the Alternative method.

Also you can check for Troubleshooting instruction on Caprover Troubleshooting

Last change: 2024-02-27