ThreeFold Chain

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TFChain, also known as ThreeFold Chain, is the blockchain at the core of managing the ThreeFold Grid, which operates as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Built on Substrate, TFChain provides the infrastructure to support the seamless functioning of the ThreeFold Grid ecosystem.


One of the key features of TFChain is its compatibility with multiple blockchains. The native token of the ThreeFold ecosystem, TFT, can be utilized across different blockchain networks including TFChain, Stellar, and Binance Smart Chain. This compatibility enables users to transfer their TFT tokens seamlessly between these blockchains, providing flexibility and convenience.

To leverage the Internet Capacity available on the ThreeFold Grid, users are required to transfer funds to their TFChain account. This ensures that users have the necessary financial resources to access and utilize the storage, compute, and network services offered by the ThreeFold Grid. By transferring money to their TFChain account, users can seamlessly tap into the vast potential of the decentralized Internet Capacity provided by the ThreeFold Grid.

TFChain serves as the backbone of the ThreeFold ecosystem, facilitating efficient transactions, secure transfers of value, and the management of user accounts. It plays a vital role in supporting the seamless interaction between users and the ThreeFold Grid, enabling them to leverage the available Internet Capacity and contribute to the growth of the decentralized network.

Key Functionalities

TFChain (Threefold Chain) is a powerful blockchain that orchestrates the interactions within the ThreeFold Grid ecosystem, providing users with a range of key functions. Let's explore some of these user-friendly functions:

  • Users Registration: TFChain allows seamless registration for users to join the ThreeFold Grid. By creating an account, users can easily become part of the decentralized network and access the various resources and services available.

  • Farms Management: TFChain simplifies the process of managing node farms within the ThreeFold Grid. It provides a streamlined registration system, enabling farmers to register their nodes and effectively contribute to the grid. Additionally, TFChain facilitates IP management, allowing farmers to efficiently manage and allocate IP addresses to their nodes.

  • Fund Transfers: TFChain supports secure and efficient fund transfers within the ThreeFold ecosystem. Users can seamlessly transfer funds, including the native TFT token, between accounts on TFChain. This feature enables easy financial transactions and fosters a thriving economy within the ThreeFold Grid.

  • Billing and Consumption Reports: TFChain offers detailed billing and consumption reports, providing users with insights into their resource usage and associated costs. Users can easily track their consumption, monitor usage patterns, and access comprehensive reports, ensuring transparency and accountability in resource management.

And More: TFChain is continuously evolving and expanding its functionality. In addition to the key functions mentioned above, TFChain provides a robust foundation for other essential features within the ThreeFold Grid. This includes facilitating secure transactions, maintaining a transparent ledger, enabling governance mechanisms, and supporting various interactions and operations within the decentralized ecosystem.

TFChain's user-friendly functions empower users to participate actively in the ThreeFold Grid, seamlessly manage their resources, and engage in secure and efficient transactions.

Last change: 2024-02-27