Performance Monitor Package

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The perf package is a performance monitor in zos nodes. it schedules tasks, cache their results and allows retrieval of these results through RMB calls.


  1. The perf monitor is started by the noded service in zos.
  2. Tasks are registered with a schedule in the new monitor.
  3. A bus handler is opened to allow result retrieval.

Node Initialization Check

To ensure that the node always has a test result available, a check is performed on node startup for all the registered tasks, if a task doesn't have any stored result, it will run immediately without waiting for the next scheduled time.


  • Tasks are scheduled using a 6 fields cron format. this format provides flexibility to define time, allowing running tasks periodically or at specific time.

  • Each task has a jitter which is the maximum number of seconds the task could sleep before it runs, this happens to prevent all tests ending up running at exactly the same time. So, for example, if a task is scheduled to run at 06:00 and its jitter is 10, it is expected to run anywhere between 06:00 and 06:10.

RMB Commands

  • zos.perf.get:

    • Payload: a payload type that contains the name of the test

      type Payload struct {
        Name string

      Possible values:

      • "public-ip-validation"
      • "cpu-benchmark"
      • "iperf"
    • Return: a single task result.

    • Possible Error: ErrResultNotFound if no result is stored for the given task.

  • zos.perf.get_all:

    • Return: all stored results

The rmb direct client can be used to call these commands. check the example


Results are stored in a Redis server running on the node.

The key in redis is the name of the task prefixed with the word perf. The value is an instance of TaskResult struct contains:

  • Name of the task
  • Timestamp when the task was run
  • A brief description about what the task do
  • The actual returned result from the task


  • Storing results by a key ensures each new result overrides the old one, so there is always a single result for each task.
  • Storing results prefixed with perf eases retrieving all the results stored by this module.

Registered Tests

Test Suite

Go to this link for a test suite covering the test cases for the performance testing.

Last change: 2024-02-27