ThreeFold Grid v3.10.0 Release Note

Release Note of ThreeFold Grid v3.10.0.

  • Deployed on Mainnet on 3rd July 2023.

Components and Services

The following components and services have been upgraded in this release:

  • TFChain
  • ZOS
  • Terraform
  • TFGrid-SDK-GO
  • TF Gridclient
  • TF Gridproxy
  • RMB
  • TF Weblets
  • TF Playground
  • TF-Grid-CLI
  • Gridify
  • TFGrid-SDK-TS

Upgrades and Improvement Highlights

Below are some of the key highlights of the TFGrid v3.10.0 component upgrades and improvements.

TFChain 2.4.0

  • Addressed syncing issues.
  • Introduced the attachment of solution provider IDs to contracts.
  • Enabled the bonding of a stash account to a twin.
  • Implemented various bug fixes.

ZOS 3.7.1

  • Restructured the capacity to enhance dynamism.
  • Added support for proxying traffic to private networks using WireGuard-based gateways.
  • Introduced support for cloud-based consoles.
  • Resolved various issues related to error messages, user validations, and error handling.

Terraform 1.9

  • Added support for WireGuard-based gateway options.
  • Implemented proper timeout handling for deployments.
  • Introduced gateway node validation before submitting deployments.
  • Resolved various bugs and issues.

TFGrid-SDK-GO 0.8.0

  • Consolidated multiple Go projects into a single repository for simplified administration and quicker releases.
  • Extracted reusable code from the Terraform project and created a standalone library for creating new platforms or plugins.


  • Enhanced the grid client to serve as the foundation layer for the Terraform plugin, enabling deployment of networks, virtual machines, and Kubernetes.


  • Added support for standby status for nodes powered off by the farmerbot.
  • Enabled farm filtering based on requested resources.


  • Improved the direct client's resilience to recover from close connections.


  • Introduced a simple tool for creating virtual machines and Kubernetes clusters. Note that TF-Grid-CLI is now TFCMD.
  • Get started here.


  • An experimental project that allows developers to deploy their projects on ThreeFold as a platform with a single command, "gridify," using a Procfile in their code repository.
  • Currently supported platforms include:
    • Go 1.18
    • Python 3.10.10
    • Node 16.17.1
    • NPM 8.10.0
    • Caddy
  • Learn more here.

TFGrid-SDK-TS 2.0.0

  • Consolidated all components targeting web/TypeScript developers and frontend efforts into a single repository for easier management and rapid releases.
  • Moved gridclient, dashboard, statistics websites, and other TypeScript-based projects to the new repository here.


  • Gateways now support WireGuard backends.
  • Added support for hex secrets.
  • Various fixes are detailed here.

TF Dashboard

  • Added support for IPv4 pricing in the resources calculator.
  • Included TFT/USD exchange rate in the dashboard navbar.
  • Introduced new standby status for nodes powered off by the farmerbot.
  • In the explorer, a node monitoring page is now available.
  • Fixed high CPU usage in the DAO Pages.
  • Tracking improperly set serial number on nodes with a clear message.

TFGrid Weblets

  • We are phasing out the TFGrid Weblets for a newer playground rewritten in vue3, however, we introduced some maintenance bugfixes.
  • Support umbrel on the grid.

TF Playground v2.0.0

This release introduces a new playground with a more consistent user experience. Some components have been reworked for consistency.

  • Simplified the profile manager, requiring only the provision of a mnemonic and a password for encryption on the device. Mnemonics are never shared or sent across the network.
  • Real-time calculation of deployment costs.
  • Ability to generate WireGuard configurations.
  • Direct link to the monitoring page of a deployment’s hosting node.

RMB 1.0.5

  • Deprecated seed flag.
Last change: 2024-02-27